Think of the homey environment

Some of the advantages to consider about in-home grooming compared to a groomer salon:
  • The familiarity and security of being at home.
  • Immediate feedback to the groomer of what you would like done.
  • And you can keep an eye on your dog, supporting him whenever necessary.
And finally, have in mind the following questions:
  • How will the dog feel during the process and which approach would be the best to help him feel more comfortable?
  • Which of the services is unnecessary to the dog's well-being?
My main concern is the emotional state of the dog

Dog grooming strongly suggests hair maintenance, but we should not forget proper care in the process, like showing empathy and understanding the struggles and needs of each dog.
In other words, this occupation shouldn't be just about styling, but allowing communication to be part of it, while having a realistic attitude about situations and problems that goes with the job.
Like for example, when brushing, we should be careful not to pull the hair nor force the dog to an uncomfortable position, and taking as many breaks as needed to help him cope.
Through cooperation and proper use of our body language, the event is more agreeable. After all, what should come out of this experience for the dog is to be able to trust, and not a negative response for self-preservation.

If you opt for visiting the salon instead of having your dog groomed at home, I advise you to stay by him during the whole session, because you know your dog better than anyone and you know how to support him if he feels unease. Consider having some treats on hand.